Youth Classes

Beginner Hip Hop Choreography

Learn this popular style, also known as “commercial” or “new style” hip hop, geared towards new movers! Practice the basis of learning, retaining & mastering choreographed phrases to improve rhythm, execution & body awareness.


Hip Hop

This intermediate level class will really push students to their full potential! Focusing on musicality, learn what it takes to expand movement vocabulary & make music visible.


Open Level Classes

Breaking Foundation

Calling all future (or present!) b-boys & b-girls! Study the basics of this street style that emerged in the 70’s, set to hip hop, funk or breakbeats. Primary movement to be practiced includes toprock, downrock, power moves & freezes.



Embrace technical & artistic values in this foundational class! Learn to connect with musicality & emotion, while improving on stamina, awareness in space & movement pick-up.


House Foundation

Learn the fundamentals of this historic social dance, stemming from Chicago & New York roots, set to house music! Elements include footwork & jacking—complex foot oriented steps with fluid torso movement.


Stretch & Strength

Dancers are athletes, too! This class combines effective stretches & challenging exercises to improve flexibility, increase strength, & boost endurance—the ideal combo for high quality performance!



Stemming from Hindu philosophy & discipline, yoga practice includes breath control, simple meditation, & specific body positions/postures. No matter the skill level, take time to focus on both the physical & mental realms of strength!


Yoga For Movers

Who’s ready for a one of a kind yoga class that incorporates strength training, flexibility & injury prevention?! Most importantly, it was designed JUST for elite performers. Yoga mats available for $1 rental.



Cultivated with an undying love for both yoga & dance, learn how to flow through this heated class with movement & dance based transitions. Yoga mats available for $1 rental.


*Classes with set teachers // **Offered upon demand

Adult Foundation*

Adult Beginner Ballet**

Taught with a modern approach, learn this classical style for the ultimate dance foundation! Technique basics, posture & strengthening will be covered to reinforce strong movers.


Adult New Movers

Dancing comes from within, and at mL ONE there’s no need to be a professional already! Learn to pick up movement, execute dynamics & display musicality in this beginner class.


Basics with Krumping

Originating in South Central, Los Angeles, this genre consists of highly energetic movement, muscle control & free expression. Created as a release of anger & aggression in a non-violent way, this significant street style holds a rich history & vocabulary.


Basics with Locking**

Originally “Campbellocking”, this distinct style of funk dance is based on the concept of locking movements in. A true foundation in modern day hip hop, practice going from fast movements, to holding them, & back! Performance elements are also key, & will be explored.


Basics with Popping

Stemming from 60’s-70’s California funk style, popping technique involves quick contracting & relaxing of the muscles to initiate dance movement. Learn the basics of this classic street style to improve strength, isolation & much more.


Beginner/Intermediate Choreography

Learn this popular style, also known as “commercial” or “new style” hip hop, geared towards beginner/intermediate level movers! Practice the basis of learning, retaining & mastering choreographed phrases to improve rhythm, execution & body awareness.


Body Control in Dance

No matter the style, this class is vital towards improving in dance! Practice muscle tension & release, isolations, different dynamics & more to truly take control of all aspects of the body.


Chicago Footwork Basics

Improve coordination & fast-twitch muscles in this class! Originating from Chicago in the 80’s, this quick style of moving involves all parts of the body. Get the feet & legs moving, typically set to juke music!


Creating Movement

Whether it’s choreography or improvisation, learn basic techniques to create movement vocabulary! It’s all about the process, and this class sure provides a fun one. Time to get the creative juices flowing!


Floor-work Basics

Get grounded! Learn the basics of what it takes to move closer to the earth…the floor not only provides the surface for movement, but a factor that can enhance any style.



Learn how to move with ease, style & rhythm in this class! A base that can be practiced & perfected across multiple styles of dance, the importance of the groove is stressed & taught here!


Heated Power Yoga

This class is FREE! Learn to in this heated, vinyasa-based class. This practice will engage your core, mental strength, & physical limits.


Heels Foundation

Dancing in heels takes a strong foundation! Learn what it takes to walk, move & dance in heels, while maintaining confidence, posture & musicality.


Street Styles

Explore the versatility of urban movement! This class is ever evolving from week to week to truly expand dancers’ vocabulary & insight into the multiple styles of hip hop dance.



A classic yet ever-evolving style of dance, this class will teach students the basics of tap—striking the floor as movement & form of percussion. Improve musicality, movement pick-up & lower body isolation, all while maintaining an engaged upper body & presence!


Vogue Femme

Culturally rich & highly stylized, this dance form originated in the mid-century Harlem club scene. Learn the history & basics of this genre! Practicing angular, linear movement with gestures & dramatics will take place.


Waack / Punk / Pose

Originating in the club scene of the 70’s, this style incorporates arm & shoulder motions in sync with the beat. Learn the history & basics of this style from the disco era to enhance finesse & quality of movement!


Bringing the joy of dance to children with special needs.

GuiDANCE Autism is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization developed to expose children with autism and other special needs to the arts and creative expression normally only available to their typically-able peers.

Servicing children of all levels in an environment of compassion that leads to transformation, the GuiDANCE Autism team of practitioners uses the medium of dance along with respite techniques and rhythmic music to enable children to break through their shells and connect to their surrounding world.

Let your spirit DANCE!

GuiDANCE Autism incorporates a guided hands-on, modeling, and cue based approach utilizing strengthening and stretching exercises, body isolations, relaxation and touch therapy techniques, repetition, individual and partnering movement combinations, and free expression - all to invigorating rhythmic music.


For more info about our program and private classes for individuals and groups at mL One and how to bring GuiDANCE Autism into your school, facility, home, or parents' group visit

Contact us at / 424.265.7473 

*Your tax-deductible donations to help support our mission are greatly appreciated!