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August 2013 - If you’ve dropped by the mL studio lately, you’ve probably taken class alongside 6-time mL TOUR student, Vince Lao, who has been utilizing his TOUR scholarship by taking class every day in LA. Inspired by this Toronto-native’s drive and dedication to utilize mL’s resources to train and grow, we decided to interview him to learn more about how theTOUR changed his life.


mL: What city (or cities) did you attend -- and which choreographers did you take class from?
Vince:  I've attended 6 Tours total, twice in Chicago and the rest in Orlando, Los Angeles, New Jersey and Seattle.  From these Tours I got to learn from so many choreographers such as Shaun Evaristo, Jillian Meyers, Lyle Beniga, Quick Crew, Sh*t Kingz, Ian Eastwood, Brian Puspos, Keone and Mari Madrid just to name a few!

mL: What was your favorite class and why? 
It's difficult to choose my favorite class from all the Tours I took, but I do know that I can at least cut it down to my top 2 which were both from mL Tour LA Season One. The first was from Keone & Mari when they taught us their partner piece to “Dangerous.” Beyond how amazing the routine was, it was taught extremely well. Keone & Mari went through some drills and exercises for partner work prior to teaching the combo which helped with the dance itself. My other favorite would be when Shaun Evaristo taught to “Who You Are.” It was much more than just a dance. Shaun has this gift in his craft that makes you feel something so special when you dance his choreography. I'm always a fan of choreography where you can apply your life experiences into it, and this dance was absolutely perfect for that. 

mL: What can you say that you took away/learned from theTOUR? 
Vince: I took so many things away from theTOUR, and everything that I did take I will have with me forever. I would rather spend my money on an experience I'll never forget and where I can meet friends from all over the world as opposed to spending money on material things that I'll eventually stop using. I definitely took more than just dance steps with me as well because the instructors were so great and will answer any questions you may have!

mL: What were your thoughts when you won the Scholarship?
Vince: When I won the Scholarship I honestly did not believe it. It was the last thing on my mind, and when Shaun Evaristo called my name, I thought he was talking about a different Vince. I don't cry often at all, but when Shaun assured me that he chose me, I broke down in tears. I'm not the best dancer at all, but at Movement Lifestyle it’s not about that, they care more about the drive and passion that an individual has. My friends had to push me just to get on stage to accept the scholarship. Today I'm still forever grateful to Movement Lifestyle and Shaun Evaristo for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to come to LA to train at the studio. Getting that scholarship still stands as the happiest moment ever in my life!

mL: How have you been using the Scholarship to this day -- how has it helped you? 
Vince: After winning the Scholarship, I had planned out to save money to make the trip possible. After 15 months, I'm finally here for 7 weeks training every day at mL, trying to get better while still enjoying myself and meeting new dancers and friends from around the world. It's been amazing to take so many great classes every day from top notch instructors. I've definitely grown so much as a dancer and even as a person from putting in work at the studio and being able to network with so many amazing and interesting dancers. 

mL: Why should others attend theTOUR? 
If you love dance and want to be in a positive & supportive environment where you can grow so much as a dancer, I highly recommend that you come attend theTOUR. I often see that people don't attend because the stops aren't in their cities, but I'm from Toronto and attended six mL Tours so there's no excuse! Save up and I promise it will be worth every penny and more if you attend. Ask anyone that's been to one and I promise they'll have nothing but good things to say about theTOUR! It's a stellar weekend that you'll never forget, so don't miss out on Season 3!