Teacher SUbmission

If you've stumbled upon this page then you're in luck!  You're probably wondering how you can be a part of the Movement Lifestyle family, right?  Well, first things first, to make your life a little easier - below is a checklist on all the items that we will be overseeing:

  • Headshot
  • Short Bio
  • Teaching Resume; including studios and/or conventions that you've taught for
  • Sample class videos; should include the whole class, not just select groups and/or solo videos

Simply download the application and attach all the items listed above - don't forget the application itself, then send all the information to studio@themovementlifestyle.com and make sure in the subject line you type "Teacher Submission - [Last name, First name]" and that's it! 


We will review your application once submitted and will reply back to you at our earliest convenience. 

Thank you for the continued support!

-mL Family