Rental Policies

I. Renting Studio Space

Rentals are confirmed on a first come first serve basis. Reservations are made in person at TheStudio, over the phone, or via email ( In order to confirm space, an account will be created for you including information such as, but not limited to, company name, contact name, contact phone number and email, a signed liability waiver, and credit card information. 

II. Payments

At the time of booking, pricing for the total rental will be calculated. The rental must be paid in full prior to the rental start time. For rentals of 5 or more hours, a non-refundable 25% deposit must be made to confirm the space. For further information on deposits, please see Section IX. If a rental request runs for multiple days/sessions, a payment plan may be discussed with the Studio Manager prior to confirmation.

III. Parking

Client is allowed one (1) parking spot for the duration of the studio rental. Other patrons are not allowed to park in the studio parking lot. Client may request for additional parking spaces and must be approved 24 hours prior to the scheduled date.

IV. Equipment

Each studio is equipped with dual full sized speakers and a soundboard with an auxiliary cable connection for your music source. Client is responsible for any damages occurring during rental time and will be billed accordingly. Please see any member of Movement Lifestyle staff or the studio manager for assistance with sound equipment if needed.

V. Commercial Use of Studio Space Rental

If an admission fee is being charged upon entry of the studio, client will pay an additional 5-10% of total gross admission sales to Movement Lifestyle. Gross sales percentage may be altered on a case by case basis. 

If merchandise is to be sold on site, client will pay 20% of all merchandise sales to Movement Lifestyle. If client does not comply to 20%, client merchandise can not be sold on the premises. 

Radio and Televised Commercial Use

Please provide proof of official documentation:

If client is using property for media purposes an additional addendum will be added to this agree below labeled “Addendum A”.

VI. Use of Movement Lifestyle logo

The client, without consent, may not use the Movement Lifestyle logo, which consists of three bars and an L. A request must be submitted to the studio manager prior to creation of promotional material such as, but not limited to flyers, postcards, and social media posts. Only after approval may the mL logo be visible on such materials, client will otherwise be subject to possible rental termination if these guidelines are not met. 

VII. Food and Beverages

Food and beverages, except water bottles, are NOT ALLOWED in the studio space. They must remain in securely sealed containers among personal belongings or stored in the studio lobby at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS. Movement Lifestyle reserves the right to immediately discard any and all unapproved edible items in either studio at any time.

VIII. Clean up fee

Client is expected to leave studio space and included amenities in the same condition as it was prior to rental start time. If any large amounts of discarded items are left behind, you may be billed a cleanup fee up to $150.00 for the amount of time it takes to restore the studio to its original state, especially if it results in a staff member on duty needing to stay after hours to complete the task.

IX. Cancellations

Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance to prevent late cancellation fees. If a deposit has been made, it will be credited onto the Movement Lifestyle account used to book the rental, it cannot be returned in cash or onto a credit card.

Late cancellations (made less than 24 hours in advance) will be charged 25% of the original rental cost. If a deposit has been made, it will be used to cover the late cancellation fee and not credited to the account used to book the rental.

No Call/No Shows will be charged 50% of the original rental cost. If a deposit has been made, the client will be notified via email and the remaining 25% will be charged to the card on file.

X. Damages and Liability of Studio Property

Client agrees to use reasonable care to prevent damage to the property and will indemnify the undersigned Owner and all the parties lawfully in possession of the property, against any claims of any party arising out of or based upon personal injuries, death or property damage suffered by such party and resulting directly from any act of negligence on Client's part in connection with the use of the property and the work described herein.  Any and all claims of damage and/or injury shall be presented in writing to client within thirty days after the initial rental date.  In the event Owner alleges client has damaged the property, client reserves the right to repair the property prior to Owner engaging any third party to make any repairs.

Client presence is completely voluntary upon entering the premise at 11105 Weddington St. North Hollywood, CA91601. Client agrees to hold Movement Lifestyle, LLC, its officers, directors, staff, employees and independent contractors, volunteer helpers, and landlords 100% harmless for any and all injury that may result from client’s use of the property.

Rental Submission Form

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If payment type is Credit, please fill out the "Name on Card" section. A credit card on file is required to book rental space. It will not be charged unless your acount incurs cancellation fees or other fees.
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A 10% commission fee is charged from the total sales of the entry fee.
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A 20% commission fee is charged from the total sales of the merchandise sold.
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Approval Date

**By clicking SUBMIT, you acknowledge and agree to adhere to all aforementioned policies. You hereby authorize Movement Lifestyle to charge the credit card listed above for payments and/or fees incurred on your account.

Completing this form releases Movement Lifestyle, LLC, its officers, directors, staff, employees, and independent contractors, volunteer helpers, and landlords from any and all liability that may result from renting the studio and the client’s activities that are but not limited to dance lessons, exercise classes, rehearsals, parties, private lessons, performances, field trips, etc.

We appreciate your business and support of Movement Lifestyle!