Who's who at mL - 7/15-7/19 & theINTENSIVE!

Oh man, it's Wednesday and we've already had a killer lineup of classes! If you couldn't make it to 11105 or haven't even been here yet (whaaat?!) I made it real easy for you to get an idea of what we have for you in just a week's worth of studio time; here's a playlist of sorts showing you who's who, and the quality you can expect from us! 

***Click on the teacher's photo in the galleries to see a video of them! 


MONDAY 7/15 - Mykell Wilson, Nika Kljun, Kyle Hanagami, Anthony Lee

TUESDAY 7/16 - Kenya Clay, Devon Perri, Ellen Kim

WEDNESDAY 7/17 - Jojo Diggs, Sienna Lyons, Hollywood, Jawn Ha

THURSDAY 7/18 - Gina Starbuck, Amanda Grind, Pat Cruz, Tucker Barkley

FRIDAY 7/19 - Alex Fetbroth, Brian & Scott Nicholson, Andye J

SUNDAY JULY 21st - theINTENSIVE - Gil Duldulao, Tyce DiOrio, Tony Testa!!